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Flow of Good | snub

It arose from an article carried out in a humble community in the Agreste region of Pernambuco. Where the teacher and broadcaster Cassiana Cordeiro saw and heard up close the reality of some girls and women who live in a situation of great social vulnerability, where the basics such as: water, soap and sanitary pads are lacking for them, leaving these girls and women trapped in their homes during menstruation.


The project survived on monthly donations made by Madalena's supporters. Where we manage to collect between 10 and 60 packs of absorbent pads and soap per month. They are distributed in the most humble neighborhoods of the city of São Bento do Una-PE.


It's a lot of ants' work, but being able to help as few girls and women as possible is already the beginning of a less harsh reality for this social class, forgotten by everyone.


We at Madalena's want to transform these women into successful entrepreneurs. To achieve our objective, we count on your support and collaboration.

Gratitude to all, all and all who are already contributing and gratitude to you who are now helping us to help.

Help this project. Make a donation!

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