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Sopão do Bem

Sopao do Bem Logo.jpeg

Sopão do Bem | Rio de Janeiro

We are a diverse group of friends, who during the pandemic got together to serve soup to people in a street/vulnerable situation. The project was consolidated and today we serve approximately 300 plates of soup, mineral water, fruit juice and/or soft drinks, bread, hygiene kit, clothes and blankets.  

We make our soup weekly and we have approximately 12 permanent volunteers, who take turns in shifts to work on the actions.  


Sopão is a non-profit project, so we are always in need of donations of perishable/non-perishable food, as well as disposable containers and utensils, clothing,  blankets, personal hygiene items, among others.

Help this project. Make a donation!


On us:
Banco Itaú 
Tânia Maria da Silva Rodrigues 
CPF: 90517369-753
Agency: 8132
Account: 19153-0

PIX key (CPF): 90517369753

Responsible Logistics: Paulo Dias
Financial Officer: Tânia
Gamboa Kitchen Manager: Beth
Responsible Kitchen São João de Meriti: Débora 

Sopao do Bem Logo.jpeg
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